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Magic of online social media


Sorcery Media is a boutique media production business specialising in online communications.

With our magical abilities, we can do more for less. We’ve made the impossible possible and the unaffordable affordable. We can transform the everyday into the exciting. We see the end result and can get you there faster and cheaper than the competition through our industry know-how and many years of experience in film, television, graphic and website design.About-Us

Our experience extends to the major coding languages, content management systems and social media advertising platforms used today including: php, CSS and html; Drupal, Word Press, Squarespace and Wix; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We can improve your online presence with our optimisation techniques, improve your productivity and efficiency through our knowledge of third-party software systems, and increase sales through our integrated marketing plans.

Let our service and advice deliver results for your business for we won’t profit unless you profit.